A Peek Behind the Scenes

I’m fascinated by the programmes or articles where they go ‘behind the scenes’ of artists and authors and you can see where it all happens – where they get their inspiration, where they do their desk research, where the creative juices are blended into original pieces of work. I look on enviously at the libraries and ateliers that they reveal, trying to decipher what it says about them and their methods and wishing that I could have such a space for myself.

In September I moved house and, for the first time, I have a dedicated atelier. Well, OK, so I share it with the cats (which does present the challenge of how to keep the cat hairs out of your paint and the cats out of your art materials), but other than that it’s my own atelier. No need to tidy away a half-finished painting because it’s in the way. Just make it cat-safe and it can stay there till the next session.

So finally I can return the favour and give others a sneaky peek into my atelier.

So, what does it say about me?
Well, for a start I think it shows that either I’m a very tidy person (which is not entirely true) or, more likely, since I’ve moved I haven’t done much painting. In the run up to Christmas the house kept me very busy and there was little time for inspiration. Now things have settled down and the house is in order, it’s time to kick start the creative juices again and get behind the easel.

This is not to say there haven’t been any developments in the last 6 months; I have some news on my exhibitions and on a sale, but I will update you on this in my next blog.

Dieuwke Swain
Fine Artist & Photographer