Crimes of Passion (RWA, Bristol)

In spring 2009, nearly 50 of Bristol’s best known and most successful graffiti and street artists were invited to take over the city’s oldest and grandest gallery, the Royal West Of England Academy.

A lot of the artists painted directly onto the academy’s walls, in true street art style. It was great to see this modern art intermingling with grand and traditional architecture.

Work was exhibited by the following artists: 3Dom, 45rpm, Acerone,Andy Council, Cheba, Cheo, China Mike, Cyclops, Dan, Dicy, Dora, Eco, Epok, Feek, Filthy Luker, FLX, Haka, Inkie, Jody, Kai One, Kato, Lokey, Mag1c, Milk, Motorboy, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Nick Walker, Obese, Paris, Poer, Ponk, Richt, Sepr, Seza, Sickboy, Silent Hobo, Soker, Sums, Tom Hine, Voyder, Will Barras, Yaka, Ziml.

Check out the website for more details:


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