About the Artist

DESigns – Dieuwke Swain


Dieuwke Swain, born in England in 1972, now resides in The Hague, Netherlands.

She has been painting with acrylics and taking photographs since 2005 and her style is predominantly abstract.

Dieuwke is inspired by many things in the world around her, whether it be colours, forms, patterns, etc. Her main source of inspiration stems from nature – trees, landscapes, water, volcanoes, waves and the power of the sea. This is translated into feelings and emotions, which are captured by the vibrant colours of her abstracts.

Dieuwke has a fascination for colours (particularly primary and secondary tones) and how these interact and complement each other. Her experimentation with vibrant colour encompasses the use of flowing forms and stripes.

Dieuwke’s photo’s show ‘the everyday’ in different light; normal objects from a surprising perspective. Nature, light play and night time cityscapes are all subjects in her photography.