Banksy, Dicy, Acerone, FLX, TLP & many more…

Aside from being a fan of abstract art, I’ve recently become fascinated with street art.

On a trip to Bristol (UK) in March, I trailed round this lively city in the west of England looking for the colourful gems from the likes of Banksy, BS51 and Voyder.

Ranging from the quirky to the political, from stencil-and-run pieces to complex artworks, they quite often make powerful social statements. And we’re not just talking spray-painting on walls. Street art includes a diverse mixture of media, such as posters, stickers, murals and even blow-up installation art – this is certainly not just a question of mindless, egotistic tagging.

Banksy - Park Street

Banksy - Park Street

Coincidentally, there was also an exhibition running at the Royal Academy ( while I was there, where local street artists had been invited to demonstrate their skills in their various styles – really fascinating stuff. Unfortunately, this exhibition has now finished, but I recommend you check out the website.

And if you get a chance to visit Bristol, definitely check out the street art in Stokes Croft, Park Street and St. Werburghs. Go to for a low-down on what to find where.

Back in the Netherlands, I was fortunate enough to be invited  to the opening of an exhibition by The London Police  (TLP) on 16 May at the Go Gallery in Amsterdam. Chaz and Bob have been working in collaboration for the last 10 years and have developed a whole ‘Lads’ culture & following.

Their work sees the monochrome Lads surrounded by impressive sky scrapers and Lads-assembly machines. The prices of their work on canvas ranges from €1000 to €5500 – I have to admit, my mouth fell open at this! A little out of my league. Will I be in this league in 10 years time I wonder….?

The London Police

The London Police

If you are in the Amsterdam area between now and 21 June, I can recommend you pay the Go Gallery a visit. The TLP’s 7-day photo diary also makes for intriguing viewing!


One thought on “Banksy, Dicy, Acerone, FLX, TLP & many more…

  1. dieuwkeswain says:

    Just heard the news that Banksy has opened a secret exhibition in Bristol at the Bristol Museum.

    In his usual cheeky style, his work is integrated amongst the normal Bristol Museum exhibitions and you have to look for it.

    The exhibition runs on to 31st August 2009.

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