Good News Squared

Last week – a week more like autumn than spring – I had two big, very pleasant surprises!

The first being that I received my first commission order (thanks Sonal!).

It’s for a large ‘waves-style’ abstract, similar to the ‘Bird of Paradise’ piece, in greens, browns, greys and cream – a departure from my usual primary colours and instead in favour of more natural tones. Definitely a challenge, but one I’m relishing! I’m now busy drawing up design ideas.

The second piece of good news is that I’ve sold my first painting…. Which? I hear you ask. Well, to keep you in suspense I’ll reveal all in my next blog…… stay tuned….

In the meantime, I’ve updated my Work in Progress page. Please take a look at how ‘The Four Elements’ is coming along.

Dieuwke Swain

DESigns – Fine Artist & Photographer


One thought on “Good News Squared

  1. Helen Swain says:

    Hey Great site and blog ! This sounds like a fantastic way of promoting and selling your art work. Wow a commision too – that’s great news. 🙂

    H xx

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